Filmmakers Reveal the Truth About George Floyd

Remember George Floyd? Remember what you heard, saw, thought and said about the events surrounding his death? If it still matters, there’s more we should be aware of with a recently released documentary film called “The Fall of Minneapolis“. If our idea of justice includes trying to discern the truth, all the truth, in events like this maybe we owe it to ourselves to consider a perspective on those events that has been largely withheld from us until now. There is no real justice without truth.

Here is some discussion on these events by two guys who are no fools; who are intelligent, articulate and thoughtful. I’ve been listening to their discussions on a variety of topics for years and I trust their integrity. Here they interview the makers of the film in this podcast and ask probing questions about it. Below you’ll also find a link where you can watch the 102 minute film free of charge. There have been many heated discussions on social media where many people I know spent quite a bit of time supporting and promoting the dominant narrative surrounding these events. Now, years later, I wonder how many of them will take the time to seriously consider whether or not they were well informed. This is, at least, an opportunity.

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