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The Skeptical Believer

The Skeptical Believer: Telling Stories to Your Inner Atheist by Daniel Taylor My rating: 5 of 5 stars My name is Paul … and I am a Skeptical Believer. I’ve been savoring this book. Its short chapters and conversational style … Continue reading

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Every Other Monday, by John Kasich

Every Other Monday by John Kasich My rating: 4 of 5 stars I found the audio book edition at the public library when one of the books I had reserved for a car trip did not come in time. I … Continue reading

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“All Truth is God’s Truth”

A conversation among friends last week got me to thinking about the way some Christians tend to think of the Bible as an exhaustive source of truth. It took me back many years to when I first read a book … Continue reading

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Can We Be Good Without God? (Will We Be Good With Him?)

I’ve had this one in the queue for too long. It’s time to just push it out there. Can we be good without God? I’ve recently had a very long discussion along these lines with a friend and former colleague … Continue reading

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Still Amusing Ourselves to Death

I recently read an essay in the current issue of The Atlantic by Christopher Hitchens entitled “Cheap Laughs: The smug satire of liberal humorists debases our comedy—and our national conversation.” Hitchens’ complaint with liberal humorists like Al Franken and Jon … Continue reading

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Richard John Neuhaus In Defense of Death

Quite by accident yesterday I came across a reprint of New York Times columnist David Brooks’ editorial “In Defense of Death” in the Columbus Dispatch. It’s a tribute of sorts to Richard John Neuhaus, a theologian and Catholic priest who … Continue reading

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Skeptical Inquirer

“If only atheists were the skeptics they think they are.” This article presents an interesting challenge to nonbelievers and believers alike, I think. Based on some of the published thoughts of the great mathematician and thinker, Blaise Pascal, Edward Tingley … Continue reading

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Who Really Cares, by Arthur C. Brooks

Given a fair reading, this book will be an eye-opener for some, and an encouragement to others. I hope there’s no cause for cynicism or gloating. Keep in mind that this is a broad brush, “big picture” kind of book. … Continue reading

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New Atheism, Old Arguments

ThinkChristian has an interesting item citing a Wall Street Journal editorial about the “New Atheists,” and the recent publication of their popular books attacking religion. Author Peter Berkowitz does a fine job of showing how some very intelligent people—like Richard … Continue reading

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PBS: “Wall of Separation”

PBS recently aired a very interesting documentary that explores the concept of the “Wall of Separation” between Church and State, its history and relationship to the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. I think that, on the whole, this … Continue reading

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