Lower Lights Ministries

On Thursday night I attended a mentor orientation meeting for Project AIM (Achieving Independence through Mentoring), a new project being started by Lower Lights Ministries in Franklinton on the near west side of Columbus. The meeting was at Bellows Avenue Church of the Nazarene, which serves as the headquarters for Lower Lights. There were 7 prospective mentors for Project AIM at the meeting. I was the only man. They could use more volunteers, especially men.

Project AIM is designed to help families break the cycle of poverty by assigning teams of mentors to help them achieve their goals. The goals are defined by the families themselves and could be things like buying a home or car, getting a job, going back to school etc. Mentors provide encouragement and practical help in reaching those goals. Lower Lights is in the first stages of a pilot program for Project AIM. This seems like a very good time to get in on the “ground floor” of a ministry that can make an important difference in people’s lives. Two families from the church have been selected for the pilot. There will be 2 or 3 more training sessions for mentors before we actually meet the families. Then we will have a few get-togethers with the families to get to know one another before the mentoring process begins. Mentors will spend four-to-six hours a month with their family.

The projects and ministry of Lower Lights seem very well organized and led by competent and caring Christian people who have a strong desire to serve Christ and the community. This seems like a very good place to be. Information about Lower Lights Ministries and Project AIM can be found on their web site (http://www.lowerlights.org). Contact them or me if you are interested to get more details.

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