Hearing God Through the Year, by Dallas Willard and Jan Johnson

Last year I was given a copy of this devotional guide as a gift by some very good friends who seem to know me very well and I have been using it regularly since then. Dallas Willard’s writings are a tremendous inspiration and encouragement to me. They are best read in small bites and chewed thoroughly. Jan Johnson has done a fine job of compiling the main points of Willard’s book Hearing God into a devotional format that encourages just this type of reading on a very essential matter for every Christian. Reading a book about how to interact with God is not enough, no matter how good the book. The opportunity to practice is a crucial part of the learning process. Many devotional reading books jump from one one topic to another. This has much more continuity and focus. This format is ideal for the way one ought to approach such a foundational spiritual subject. Of course, it’s no substitute for the original book but it’s a great help in soaking in that book’s ideas. It should be easy for anyone to find the time to do the short readings and exercises in this book. There is a short introduction that is helpful in getting the reader started in doing the kind of prayerful meditation and reflection that is encouraged by the book but people who aren’t familiar with these practices might want to read one of Jan Johnson’s other books on prayer and meditation as well. I highly recommend this book and all of Dallas Willard’s books.

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