Back to School Again

I’m well into the Fall quarter at ATS again this year. This could be my last Fall quarter. I have only 5 classes to finish before finishing my degree. After that? God knows. I’ve been thinking about training to be a so called “spiritual director.” (I think “mentor” would be a better word than “director”). But I don’t want to think too far ahead. I’m enjoying my current studies very much. This quarter I have a class in Christian Ethics. I was happy to learn that the class focuses more on the foundations of virtue and character than it does on issues and making ethical decisions. This is important. Who we are is at the root of what we do and what we do speaks louder than what we say. This emphasis fits well with my major in spiritual formation. The course has added four good books to my current reading list: Kingdom Ethics (Stassen and Gushee), Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Church (Merrill), Rethinking Christ and Culture (Carter) and Political Visions and Illusions (Koyzis). All very interesting reading. I have a bunch of writing to do that will probably keep me away from this blog for a while (we’ll see).

MB and I enjoyed a very nice vacation in Colorado a couple of weeks ago. We stayed with our good friends the Hennes in Colorado Springs and enjoyed their company very much. They showed us the sights nearby and traveled with us to Durango for a few days where we visited with MB’s sister and her husband. They treated us to a wonderful dinner at a very nice restaurant. The high point of the trip, though, was a ride to Silverton and back aboard the Durango & Silverton Railway. It was a very enjoyable experience; a trip through the mountains with more beautiful scenery than you can point a camera at.

Last weekend MB’s parents celebrated their 50th Anniversary, so we headed up to Port Clinton to help celebrate. It was good to see family members that we hadn’t seen in a while (including our daughter and son-in-law and their new dog). It was a great time.

Finally, our mentoring work with Lower Lights Ministry’s Project AIM is getting off the ground. We’ve been paired up with a wonderful family, spent some time getting to know them better this week and will start meeting more regularly in the future. Prayer at Six at Bethel Church is also going well since it moved to Monday evenings. Come and join us!

So there are lots of good things going on to keep us busy. We would appreciate your prayers. Let me know how we can pray for you. Keep in touch.

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