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Sandy3.jpg Sandy is a new member of our family, adopted by us about seven weeks ago. I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog so soon after Sheila but Sandy needed a home and we had a big vacancy. She’s an Australian/Border Terrier mix, a little shy and unfriendly to strangers and other female dogs, but she’s very affectionate and playful when she gets to know you. She’s learned pretty well to get along with Jessica and Lucas’ boxer, Bella, on their visits. She also did well at a big party we had this weekend to celebrate a “milestone” birthday for Mary Beth and my completion of seminary. It was a great backyard party where we enjoyed seeing many family members and friends.

That’s right, four years of part-time study at Ashland Seminary is finished. I enjoyed very much my last course in the theology of C. S. Lewis. It’s good to have all the work over with, but I enjoyed the experience quite a bit, the sense of accomplishment it produced and being immersed in the challenging study of so many interesting subjects. I will miss it. I’ve come away with the feeling like I’ve just gotten a good taste of some very deep subjects and experiences that have whetted my appetite for a life of continued learning and application.

I’ve hardly had time to miss seminary before entering another study program called Wellstreams. I see this as a continuation of my seminary studies in spiritual formation along a more personal, less formal route.

Our son, Bryan, is off to study in Spain for a semester. He’s writing his own blog on the experience.

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  1. David Thomas says:

    Congrats on completing Ashland Seminary! I’d be nice to catch up on your plans for the future, etc. (As opposed to your plans for the past . . .)


  2. Paul Dubuc says:

    Thanks, Dave. The paper (diploma) came in the mail today, so I guess it’s real now.

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