To Hear and See Jesus

I read an essay with this title over at The Scriptorium Daily (one of my favorite blogs) several weeks ago and it stuck with me. I’ve reread it several times since and would like to pass it on to others. It not only articulates some of the reasons why I’m also finding it hard to write much lately, but also beautifully expresses the longing I have–in my better moments–to hear and see Jesus; to have more of what I say, write, do and, indeed, for my whole life to be an expression of that hearing and seeing instead of my best approximation. Like the author says, “Pirating Jesus is not good enough.” So, at times I get locked into hesitation about writing and I’m glad when I find others who’ve overcome that same hesitation to say for me what I feel so unable to put into adequate wording.

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  1. David Henne says:

    Hi, Paul. This article touches on a subject that I am very short on. I have never developed, or even longed for, a desire to see Jesus. I know and say that he is the one who has saved me from death and given me life. Why don’t I desire strongly to see him and be with him? I think I feel that I enjoy all of his blessings so much that I consider them as being he himself. It seems I haven’t got to the point yet that I consider him as of more value than all that he gives me. It’s like Reynolds’ line: “Heaven will stop being about me at all, but about Him.” Will I get to that point before being in Heaven? David

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