Three New Year’s Resolutions for Americans

I’m going to take this one more to heart in the future. In the past I’ve been too preoccupied with differences I’ve had on these matters with people I’ve loved and still care about. I’ve struggled with a root of bitterness over it for too long and it has often gotten the best of me in spite of my efforts. I’m coming to realize that I’ve been in a much better place for years now than at the time when these conflicts were at their height and I need to be ready to develop a different attitude toward life in general and follow my better lights more from now on. Like Abigail Shrier here, I see many positive things starting to happen concerning the issues that concern me most and I welcome the changes and want to encourage them from a more generous perspective. I’m no stranger to conflicting views, having participated in public forums on the internet for 45 years or so. But learning to engage them with respect and grace toward others requires sustained effort with, an in, God’s love and the love of God. This is something I wish to do better in this coming year and wish the same for all my past, present, and future friends and acquaintances. God bless you all in the the coming year!

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