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Who Really Cares, by Arthur C. Brooks

Given a fair reading, this book will be an eye-opener for some, and an encouragement to others. I hope there’s no cause for cynicism or gloating. Keep in mind that this is a broad brush, “big picture” kind of book. … Continue reading

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Walk On, by John Goldingay

Reading this book is like having a wise older friend share his life experience with you. The valuable lessons that professor Goldingay has learned on what it means to follow God through all of life’s ups and downs will enrich … Continue reading

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New Atheism, Old Arguments

ThinkChristian has an interesting item citing a Wall Street Journal editorial about the “New Atheists,” and the recent publication of their popular books attacking religion. Author Peter Berkowitz does a fine job of showing how some very intelligent people—like Richard … Continue reading

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Hearing God Through the Year, by Dallas Willard and Jan Johnson

Last year I was given a copy of this devotional guide as a gift by some very good friends who seem to know me very well and I have been using it regularly since then. Dallas Willard’s writings are a … Continue reading

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History Written By the Winners?

A recent conversation with a coworker about my seminary studies of history brought to mind the cliché “History is written by the winners.” I think this was the point he was trying to make with me without saying it in … Continue reading

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